Meeting the needs of citizens, enterprises, professionals and internal personnel overall in an increasingly effective and timely manner is one of the goals achieved in 2022 by the DGTPI-UIBM. Also, thanks to the digitalization process started several years ago, the DGTPI-UIBM is moving in the direction of administrative simplification and online access facilitation to public services and patent information.


The relevance and topicality of the ongoing digitalization has also been confirmed by the #NextGenerationItalia  National Recovery and Resilience Plan that,  by including  the “Reform of the Industrial Property system” into Mission 1, Component 2 “Digitalization, innovation and competitiveness in the production system”, allocated to the UIBM, among others, financial resources for the design and development of a new digital infrastructure aimed at greatly widening the range of services offered, also by innovating those already existing.

Database and Information Technology Enhancement

The enhancement of the information technology infrastructure and the updating of the databases of the Directorate General stand out among the results achieved in 2022, with new functionalities and advanced search systems to facilitate a rapid and targeted access to data and documents. This is also confirmed by the new online service available since December 2022, which allows users to request and obtain simple copies of the documents attached to the IP applications and rights via the online application portal, making the consultation simpler ad within everyone’s reach.

Data Quality

In 2022, in addition to the continued publication of the documents concerning the new patent applications filed and the final files  issued, an agreement was also reached with the European Patents Office, in collaboration with the Italian Central State Archive, to continue the “Data quality” project, aimed at publishing and searching, according to the standards defined by the European Office, for the patent documents related to the oldest applications, going back to those filed in 1973.

Online Platform

The online platform used to manage the administrative procedures for filing and evaluation of applications for Industrial Property rights has also been further optimized and made more efficient, so that users can choose the online submission procedure instead of the paper format more and more frequently, and the UIBM can evaluate the applications more easily, streamline procedures and reduce the time required to issue final orders.


Within the activities for the enhancement of patent information, a project was completed to re-organize the PATIRIS database, a permanent Observatory of patents produced by Italian public research. The platform allows to easily access information on patents filed by national research bodies through a renewed search system, which provides the possibility to use different criteria, both individually and in combination. A new function of the platform allows to directly link to the patent portfolio of each institution mapped in the Knowledge-Share (K-S) platform, a project managed by the DGTPI-UIBM in collaboration with Netval and Politecnico di Torino, to map information on patents that are most likely to reach the market.

Biotechnological inventions

Moreover, the Databases of biotechnological and life science inventions have also been constantly updated. This is a platform that provides a reliable statistical overview to support the measurement of the biotechnological activity of Italian companies and comparisons with the performance of other OECD countries.


Finally, in 2022, with the purpose of being in line with international standards, the DGTPI-UIBM introduced the PDF/A format for the submission of the documents attached to the national applications for patents, along with the new unique file in xml format for filing nucleotide or amino acid sequence lists included in patent applications.

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