Lines of Intervention:

Also in 2022, the Directorate General for the Protection of Industrial Property – Italian Patent and Trademark Office made every effort to implement the “Lines of Intervention on Industrial Property for the 2021-2023 period”, the three-year program adopted in 2021 with specific Ministerial Decree which aims to improve the entire IP system. Therefore, all the activities have been implemented with the purpose of addressing the 5 challenges proposed in the program and achieving the major goals defined for each of them. Among the activities implemented in 2022 by the Directorate General in order to achieve these goals, there are the approval of the reform bill to amend the Industrial Property Code and the subsequent start of the parliamentary process for its adoption, the start of the administrative proceedings for invalidation and revocation of trademarks, the re-funding of the calls for incentives to promote and enhance IP rights, the incessant initiatives of dissemination of the IP culture and the fight against counterfeiting, the constant maintenance of the ever-evolving information system, with the purpose of streamlining and digitalizing administrative procedures, as well as ensuring the publication of patent information.


IP rights in 2022:

However, with regard to applications concerning IP rights, it is important to highlight that, after the constant growth observed over the last few years, there was a generalized and relevant decrease in the number of applications submitted in 2022 as a consequence, on the one hand, of the pandemic period occurred over the last three years and, on the other hand, of the current uncertain and difficult condition of the international context. This situation, which has caused a strong increase in the price of raw materials and energy supply, has led Italian and European enterprises to suffer from a deep crisis, during which many of them, especially if small-sized, were forced to cease their activities or, at best, to cut down their research and innovation costs, needed to fuel their inventive and patenting activities. The Government as a whole will have the taskto try and support Italian companies, by implementing targeted policies, so that this trend can be reverted already starting from next year.

The new activity report:

From an editorial point of view, it should be noted that, starting from this year’s edition, the annual Report will consist of html pages, uploaded on an ad-hoc mini-website. The use of infographics is also confirmed in order to show and summarize in a few pages the key quantitative data of each activity.

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