Promoting and disseminating the culture and value of Industrial Property can only occur if different aspects are considered, with the purpose of providing direct support to all final users: consumers, institutions, enterprises as well as young people.

Also in 2022, the DGTPI-UIBM, while guaranteeing continuity of systemic and structural activities, implemented a number of activities aimed at supporting users by providing specific training on IP, promoting the historicity and iconicity of some Made-in-Italy products resulting from IP, and raising awareness on a large scale, with particular focus on young people.

The coordination role of the national anticounterfeiting policy and the presence of the Directorate in the main European and international meetings complete the overview of the actions aimed to trigger a cultural change with the purpose of enhancing the IP, preventing the infringement of IP rights and fighting against counterfeiting.

In the belief that to improve the IP protection system it is also necessary to implement initiatives that support the citizens, enterprises and institutions to strengthen their awareness of the value of innovation as the driving force for the growth of Italy’s economic system, in 2022 the DGTPI-UIBM did actually reach several goals from increasing knowledge of counterfeit market characteristics, as a basis for the definition of effective and targeted policies, to raising public awareness of the damage and risks related to the use of counterfeit products; from consolidating relationships with the various stakeholders (public and private, national, European and international), to providing support to enterprises and consumers in the protection and enhancement of IP rights; from the implementation of the national anticounterfeiting national policy, thanks to the role played by the Secretary of the National Council for Anticounterfeiting and Italian Sounding, to the concrete investment in new generations for the training of specific professional roles in the field of IP.

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