In 2022, the DGTPI-UIBM reached the important milestone of making the new procedure of invalidity and revocation of company trademarks, which paves the way for the administrative procedure, before the UIBM, to issue administrative measures establishing the revocation or declaring the invalidity of the title, as an alternative to the exercise of judicial proceedings.

Since December 29, 2022, the legitimate subjects, in accordance to Art. 184 ter of the IPC, can file, an application for revocation or invalidity of a valid registered trademark either electronically or by paper filing

The new procedure, introduced in our legal system by Legislative Decree No. 15 of February 20, 2019, which provided the inclusion of a dedicated Section within the IPC (Articles 184-bis to 184-decies), contributes to ensure the pursuit of the general goal of the “trademark package”, in compliance with the Regulation on trademarks of the European Union (EU) 2017/1001 and Directive (EU) 2015/2436, to modernize the trademark system in Europe in order to enhance EU business competitiveness.

The launch of the new procedure at the national level was made possible following the publication, in the Official Gazette No. 279 of November 29, 2022, of the Decree No. 180 of July 19, 2022, of the Minister of Economic Development.

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